VST3 support on the way

VST3 support on the way

New builds of all Cytomic plugins are underway to add support for the VST3 plugin format.

This will be useful for people using Steinberg products, since theirs are the only ones that don't properly support routing of extra inputs easily for VST2 plugins.

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Cytomic was founded by Andrew and Emma Simper in 2007 and we make boutique audio plugins. Our software can change and enhance audio to help people write cool sounding music, much like a car stereo can adjust the bass and treble, but way more advanced. We model classic analog processing circuits, bringing them to the digital world, and upgrading them by adding modern features making them even more useful for computer based production.

Having the best number crunching in the business helps, but it's only half the story. A plugin has to be fun to use and keep you in the creative flow. Cytomic takes great care to deliver meticulously crafted plugins, ones that stand the test of time and become essential tools, used by the worlds top musicians but priced reasonably so everyone can access the best tools possible to be creative.

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    Do you offer student discounts?

    We realise very few people make much money in the music industry when either studying, teaching, or working, so we keep our price point as low as possible for everyone. We do have an additional permanent discount deal: if you first buy a full price plugin you get 30% of its value as a discount voucher you can use on a future purchase. For example if you buy The Glue for $99 you can then use the voucher to buy The Drop for $69 (or vice versa).


    Which type of copy protection is used?

    Cytomic plugins use an authorisation file based copy protection system. For computers connected to the internet you can authorise directly from within the plugin. For other computers you can download an authorisation file from your Cytomic account, once you have entered a machine id.

    Each license automatically gets two authorisations per year, but it is easy to request a extra one if you need more, just let support know the circumstances and we'll help out.


    Will Cytomic plugins run for me?

    Cytomic plugins support the latest versions of the Windows (Win) and Macintosh (Mac) operating systems, you just need to have an SSE2 enabled processor. Please give the trial version a go to double check everything is to your liking. The trial download is the same as the full one, and it's obligation-free.


    Can I try before I buy?

    Yes, you most certainly can!

    The trial download is the same as the full one, so give it a go since you need this to unlock the full version.


    What are the trial limits?

    The trial has full audio quality but does have a few limits, the most important two are:

    1. Automation is not supported in trial mode
    2. Settings save in your song but will not recall while in trial mode

    Because saved settings won't load with the trial it is important to authorise it BEFORE loading your saved project! To do this add a copy of the plugin to a blank project, then authorise it.


    Can I sell my license?

    Yes you can.

    For the original full price paying customer there is no charge, otherwise a 30% of the current price fee is charged. Since the original customer gets a 30% discount off their next purchase, the license transfer fee covers both this, and also the increased support load of a new customer's questions and resolution of any issues.


    Isn't analog modelling complete BS?

    The term “analog modelling” is pretty broad, anything can be termed a model of something no matter how bad the model is. A straight line can be said to model a circle under certain conditions, but when what you actually wanted was a circle and were given a straight line you wouldn't be happy! So we don't blame you if you think analog modelling plugins are a load of BS, since some of the stuff you've tried probably was.

    Cytomic models circuits by preserving the location and connection of all the critical components in it. We use the same methods used in circuit simulators, but optimised to run fast. The continuous circuit equations are discretised using MNA (Modified Nodal Analysis) and then solved for using quasi Newton-Raphson iterations to converge on a solution. Equivalent circuits of groups of linear components are pre-computed to save CPU, along with a bunch of other optimisations so that the model can run hundreds of thousands of times per second. A normal circuit simulator can take 5 minutes or more to process one second of audio, our plugins do it in a fraction of a second otherwise your CPU would be maxed out!

The Glue is a world-class plug-in

“Both the Mix and Range controls add a host of options for dialling in the compression flavour, and in practice we found this made The Glue an incredibly flexible compressor suitable not just for use on the master bus, but for individual instruments too. The Glue is a world-class plug-in and we reckon it offers amazing value.”

Computer Music December 2009

The Drop is pure magic, get it now

“The Drop is a success on so many levels, it’s a little mind-boggling that it’s priced under $100. As an emulation of analog filters The Drop is a stunning achievement. The Drop is pure magic and I’ll be using it daily for the foreseeable future. Get it now.”

Keyboard Magazine August 2013

A ‘more of everything’ compressor

“The Glue is based on the legendary SSL bus compressor and makes a mighty fine job of performing transparent bus compression. Compared to similar plug‑ins, it's more transparent but without sounding flat or boring. It's kind of a 'more of everything' compressor, and at a great price too!”

Sound on Sound November 2010

The Drop is arguably the finest filter plugin ever made

“The Drop is packed with powerful, fun and genuinely useful features, making it a fantastic plugin for anyone who uses filters creatively. Crucially, no matter how deep you choose to go with it, it always sounds absolutely superb.”

Computer Music January 2015



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