The Drop

The Drop is an analog modelled resonant filter plug-in based on classic analog synth filters, as well as completely new designs. There is a huge level of detail in the models, which gives them amazing drive and tone, as well as smooth audio rate modulation behaviour. The original structure of the circuits is preserved in the model, as is the location and shape of all major non-linearities.


The FULL / TRIAL / DEMO versions are the same installer:


System Requirements

macOS 10.13 or above Intel/M1 cpu (64-bit)
Windows 10 or above Intel/AMD cpu (64-bit)

Audio Examples

  • Pump - Audio Rate LFO

    This song uses The Drop for tremelo and panning as well as filter sweeps. The sidechain-like pumping of the synth is actually done using an LFO that can reach audio rate for dramatic buildups and breakdowns. Two copies of The Drop are used on the track, one on the synth and one on the drums.

    0:00 - Panning and filter sweeps. The LFO is used as a panning effect by using the phase offset control.

    0:30 - Pumping in time with song. The pumping here is done with a rising sawtooth LFO, no sidechain compression is used.

    0:46 - Audio rate LFO. The rate of the LFO is increased to create a ring modulation at audio rate before being swept down again for the drop.

    0:60 - LFO automatic re-sync. The LFO automatically re-syncs to the nearest bar so that it's back in time with the song.

  • One Sided Tranny - MS1 filter

    An example of using The Drop on a synth bassline and a drum beat using the MS1 circuit modelled low pass and high pass filters.

    0:00 - Dry bassline for a short time, then the low pass filter is swept into action and away again, then the highpass filter is swept into action and away again.

    0:22 - A bandpass filter is made on the bassline using both the high pass and low pass filters together.

    0:44 - The high pass is pushed into self oscillation to create interesting tones with the synth bass sound.

    1:50 - An envelope follower is used to modulate the cutoff and create an wah-wah type sound on the mix, the strong drum sounds give the filter lots of movement.